About the Cities Zone

River Thames at Westminster. Image: Konstantin Papushin

How will we get around in the cities of the future? What makes a city run smoothly?

Our cities are already getting more and more complex: every house needs water and electricity supply, streets and sidewalks need to be maintained clean and safe to drive and walk, we need waste management systems so rubbish doesn’t accumulate in our homes or streets. Not to talk about communications: roads, buses, trains… and even subways in certain big cities, like London.

From building bridges and cable networks, to solving congestion and reducing power consumption; engineering a city requires a broad range of skills and areas.

In the Cities Zone there is an engineer making buildings and bridges stand up, as well as one making sure we can all get electricity after a blackout. There is someone researching how Debenhams stores round the country can use less gas, water and electricity, as well as an engineer making our cities safer by understanding how fires spread better.

You can find out more about the engineers in this zone, and what they work on by reading their profiles. Click on their names at the top of this page to find out more!


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