• Question: I've just done my crest bronze award, I'm not sure if you have done it, but it that similar to what you do (but obviously on a lot smaller scale)

    Asked by daviesl3 to Amit, Emily, Joanne, Martin, Paige on 18 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Amit Pujari

      Amit Pujari answered on 18 Mar 2012:

      Hi daviesl3,

      I have heard about crest awards but dont know what it is? Please let me know what it is?

    • Photo: Emily Bullen

      Emily Bullen answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      As for Amit, I’m afraid I don’t know what that involves, maybe you could tell us about it?

    • Photo: Martin Wallace

      Martin Wallace answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I understand a bit about the Crest awards. This is where you have to complete a project on some sort of STEM subject isn’t it? From what I know you have to fulfil design briefs, conduct research, perform risk assessments, and present your findings in reports or something similar.
      I would say that everything you take part in in these awards I have done at some point in every project I have been involved in, both at university and in my work today. It doesn’t matter on the size of the project – small or large – you will always need to know what you need to accomplish, find out things, perform tasks, write reports and present what you have found.
      In my project we are getting ready to do a first presentation to the managers in my company to show them what designs we have come up with so far. I have had to do some research and write up my findings, and do some tests and work towards creating a design.

      Congratulations on completing your bronze award, I would say that all the skills you used are some of the most important things you will need if you want to follow a career in science or engineering. Good luck on completing the silver award!

    • Photo: Joanne Davies

      Joanne Davies answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      Way to go daviesI3.
      Well done you!
      How cool! 🙂

      Yes it is what we do – it’s all about science.

      BTW Crest awards are very highly valued so I hope you can go on to get your Silver and Gold! Wahey!

    • Photo: Paige Brown

      Paige Brown answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      Congratulations!!!!!!! I haven’t done this, but it sounds like you are really doing great things!