• Question: Do you have any children?

    Asked by 762spcc35 to Camilla, Dan, Katie, Mike, Rhys on 14 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Katie Sparks

      Katie Sparks answered on 14 Jun 2015:

      I don’t have children, but I want to some day (hopefully not too far off!)

    • Photo: Camilla Weiss

      Camilla Weiss answered on 14 Jun 2015:

      I don’t. But I do work with plenty of people who do which sometimes results in confusingly small people wandering around the office.

    • Photo: Rhys Archer

      Rhys Archer answered on 15 Jun 2015:

      Not yet!

    • Photo: Dan Watson

      Dan Watson answered on 16 Jun 2015:

      Not yet, but I did just become an uncle (hey Miles!). I’m hoping that the work we’re doing can make the world an awesome place for him.