• Question: are you independent in your work or do you work with your mates in your job?

    Asked by 755sptm42 to Ollie, Angus on 5 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Angus Gallie

      Angus Gallie answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      Like many engineers I work in a team, but I get lots of flexibility on how I plan my work so as long as I help to meet certain targets in the year then I can plan my own day to day work. That doesn’t mean I am working on my own, I will be always be talking with other engineers and managers on a daily basis.

    • Photo: Alexander Burke

      Alexander Burke answered on 7 Mar 2018:

      I’m the same as Angus. There are days where I work independently and other days where I meet with a large team to discuss little projects we’ve been working on. These little projects will be combined to become the full project, so it requires the effort of many people to solve the problem we are working on! Teamwork is essential in engineering and this is part of what makes engineering fun =).