• Question: What do you do in your spare time ?

    Asked by 628sptm32 to Ollie, Hermine, Guy, Christine, Angus on 9 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Guy Rixon

      Guy Rixon answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      I spend my non-work time with my wife and sometimes my family (our children are grown up and live some way away). We like walking in woodlands, visits to the seaside, meals out and gardening. We’re also restoring an old cottage (built about 1700AD) where we’ll live when I retire.

      When I have completely free time (there isn’t much), I build railway models. They are “finescale” models, meaning that I have to make them by hand (not Hornby etc. ready made) and I make them as historically accurate as I can. It’s my chance to make physical things instead of virtual things in computers.

    • Photo: Angus Gallie

      Angus Gallie answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      I have been a keen runner for many years so I try to get out running 3 or 4 times a week. I also do some cycling. My wife and I also like to go quite long walks locally (family are grown up). So in short, I like to spend non-work time outdoors if possible!