• Question: Could you become and engineer later on in life like after you have become something else like a teacher

    Asked by 110enec42 to Tadhg on 25 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Tadhg O'Donovan

      Tadhg O'Donovan answered on 25 Jun 2015:

      Yes – it’s not as straightforward but definitely yes. I am also a lecturer in a University and we get what we call “Mature Students” all the time. They normally start in 2nd year (so skip 1st year) too but it depends on their background.

      But there are more routes to becoming an engineer too. Some start with apprenticeships too. One of our technicians is considering becoming an engineer – so there are lots of options.

      Sounds like you are trying to make your mind up – my advice is to just follow your preferences – if you like teaching – go for it!