• Question: In your last engineering position, what were some of the things that you spent the most time on, and how much time did you spend on each?

    Asked by Gopinater4545 to Si, Rebecca, Laura, Krishnaa, Julia on 23 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Laura O'Shea

      Laura O'Shea answered on 23 Jun 2016:

      Hi there,
      Gathering information for background research can take a long time, as you often do a lot of reading and filtering of information to pick out what’s important and useful. Before I’ve spent a month or so just looking into one topic. Designing products can also take a really long time, as you keep going over ideas and making small adjustments, trying to make them as good as possible… at some point you just have to stop! The design process can stretch over multiple months, like 3 or so depending on the size of the project.
      Do you prefer to work on something over a short amount of time or longer?