• Question: When you first started as an engineer, did you find your job easy or difficult?

    Asked by Makira to Pauline, Michelle, Henry, Fidel, Chris on 12 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Chris Neale

      Chris Neale answered on 12 Nov 2018:

      When I started it was difficult as I was only 19 and I had to work with lots of different people helping them with their IT problems at a small software company. I had to get used to being professional whilst I was fixing them problems.

      I learned over time when there were times that it was ok to have a laugh during your job, other times you need to make sure that you present to the customer appropriately.

      I was lucky to have some good mentors. Mentors don’t have to be your manager, it’s better if they’re not. Ask someone who is senior in the company for advice about things you might struggle with…in particular if the struggle is with your manager!

    • Photo: Michelle Hands

      Michelle Hands answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      Hey, I found it really hard at first. When you are new to engineering there is so much to learn. I just kept telling myself that in time I would learn and be just as good as the others. I always watched more experienced engineers and asked them lots of questions. This helped me progress.

    • Photo: Fidel Olaye

      Fidel Olaye answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      It was quite hard as there was a lot of learning I had to do. When you start your career as an engineer you find out that it’s quite different from university so I had to overcome my university regime and get used to all these new software, templates and other stuff.

    • Photo: Henry Watts

      Henry Watts answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      I don’t think any new job is going to feel easy – there’s always so much to learn. However in my experience the training is usually pretty good at getting you up to speed and new colleagues are always very understanding and help you find your feet.