• Question: could you like make a machine to glasses like a computer

    Asked by 434dagg49 to Dawn, James, Sarah, Sylvain, Tomas, Vaanu on 14 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Sylvain Jamais

      Sylvain Jamais answered on 14 Nov 2016:

      Sorry, I don’t understand your question. If you mean something like Google glass, then there are already a number of augmented reality and virtual reality headsets and there are some demos about using those in the medical field

    • Photo: Dawn Gillies

      Dawn Gillies answered on 14 Nov 2016:

      Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question either – if you could explain in the comments under this that would be brilliant, thanks!

    • Photo: Sarah Hampson

      Sarah Hampson answered on 14 Nov 2016:

      I’m a bit confused too!

    • Photo: Vaanathi Sundaresan

      Vaanathi Sundaresan answered on 15 Nov 2016:

      Ahh.. your question is a bit vague. But I too assume (As Sylvain did) that you are referring to google glasses (or what they call intelligent glasses). I want to add to Sylvain’s comments that this technology is being considered for real-time surgeries and physiotherapies

    • Photo: Tomas Parrado

      Tomas Parrado answered on 16 Nov 2016:

      Are you asking could you make a machine like a computer that you wear on your head like glasses? If you are then yes, but they would be big, ugly glasses and heavy too probably. To make a pair of glasses that look and feel good you need a big company like google to do lots of research, and spend lots of money. Or if you don’t mind it being a really simple computer then you could make something like the snapchat glasses, but all they do is take photos and upload them to the web.