• Question: where do you live and why

    Asked by joe hart to Vinnie, Tam, Mo, Matt, Joe on 12 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Maurice Stokes

      Maurice Stokes answered on 12 Jun 2016:

      Hi Joe, I live in Tewksbury because it is in easy reach of places I might be needed to work

    • Photo: Vinita Khiroya

      Vinita Khiroya answered on 12 Jun 2016:

      I live in Bristol because I went to University here and loved it so much I stayed.

    • Photo: Tamsin Dobrowolska

      Tamsin Dobrowolska answered on 12 Jun 2016:

      I live in North Bristol because it is close to an international airport and railway station.

    • Photo: Matthew Hobbs

      Matthew Hobbs answered on 13 Jun 2016:

      I live in Cranfield because I’m based there at my university. Cranfield is a small village near Milton Keynes and is kind of in the middle of nowhere, maybe the last place you’d expect to find a university. It’s quiet and that helps to work, but it’s also close to London, Cambridge, Oxford and Luton (Airport) if you want to find something more lively!

    • Photo: Joe Shuttleworth

      Joe Shuttleworth answered on 13 Jun 2016:

      I like in Cardiff, I’ve just moved here from Exeter. I live here because my work is here, it’s also close to the sea so I can go to the beach, which is maybe why I chose to work here!