• Question: How did you become an engineer?

    Asked by 939watf47 to Vinnie, Tam, Mo, Matt, Joe on 12 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Maurice Stokes

      Maurice Stokes answered on 12 Jun 2016:

      I went to Bristol polytechnic (now part of the university) and worked hard. The part of the course I really enjoyed was being out doors using the surveying equipment and the maths required. That was the start of me becoming an engineer.

    • Photo: Tamsin Dobrowolska

      Tamsin Dobrowolska answered on 12 Jun 2016:

      By accident!

      I started studying for a physics degree at University but I wanted to do something more practical so I switched and ended up studying marine biology (because that was the only course that had space for me!) I took an engineering course with the Open University and ended up completing the degree with them. Then I went to sea as a scientist and fell in love with the engine room. I loved the smell and noise of the machines and the challenge of fault finding when something stopped working…Soon enough I was offered a job as a ships engineer!

    • Photo: Joe Shuttleworth

      Joe Shuttleworth answered on 13 Jun 2016:

      I went to college and did Maths, Physics and Geography there. Then when I decided I wanted to go to university but I didn’t know what I wanted to study! One of my dads friends was a civil engineer and he got to travel all over the world which I thought was really cool, so I studied civil engineering and here I am!

    • Photo: Matthew Hobbs

      Matthew Hobbs answered on 13 Jun 2016:

      I took A levels which interested me and from those I was best at Maths and Chemistry. This led me to a degree in Chemical Engineering after I discovered it was a really interesting subject with opportunities in many different fields all over the world.

    • Photo: Vinita Khiroya

      Vinita Khiroya answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      I really liked Maths at school, particularly the mechanics section which I started doing at A levels. My mechanics teacher used to be a civil engineer and he recommended engineering as a career if I enjoyed mechanics. Then I did the Engineering Education Scheme with my school and some work experience at a local engineering firm and loved it so decided to study engineering at university.