• Question: If you weren't an engineer what would you be?

    Asked by DrProfessorKit on 22 Dec 2014.
    • Photo: Andy Hearn

      Andy Hearn answered on 22 Dec 2014:

      Thatโ€™s a difficult question! Apart from working on boats, there were so many things Iโ€™d have liked to try out; graphic design and animation probably. I even think I could do roadsweeping โ€“ waking up early and taking pride in cleaning roads and paths for everyone else.

    • Photo: Peter Green

      Peter Green answered on 22 Dec 2014:

      For many years I have enjoyed walking in the Peak District National Park, and I have always thought that it would be great to be a Park Ranger – working with nature and the visitors to the Park. I suspect that I had this thought on a nice summer’s day, and that I would be less enthusiastic on a cold, rainy day in late autumn ๐Ÿ™‚

      More realistically, if not an engineer I would have probably been a primary school teacher. As it happens, my job at the University allows me to be both an engineer and a teacher. It is a great job!

    • Photo: Fiona Dickinson

      Fiona Dickinson answered on 31 Dec 2014:

      I’m not an engineer I’m a scientist (chemist), and if I wasn’t a scientist I’d probably be an engineer!

      For me a scientist does fundamental research, an engineer takes that research and makes it work in the real world. Both engineers and scientists work on the same problem, and just like in the song ‘love and marriage’, ‘you can’t have one without the other’. Together scientists and engineers have made the modern world.

      My dad was an engineer (he designed tools for the rubber industry), as was my uncle (civil engineer, at one point he was in charge of maintaining all of the west midlands roads), and my brother is an engineer (he designs ventilation systems), so I’d be an engineer, probably a civil engineer because then I could say playing with lego was work.

    • Photo: Wallace Viguier

      Wallace Viguier answered on 5 Jan 2015:

      For my part if I was not an engineer I would be a doctor. I guess the common denominator is doing things to make life of humans better ๐Ÿ™‚