Meet the Engineers

Each week a different group of hackers, makers, and engineers will be online to answer questions inspired by Danielle George’s 2014 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

More engineers will be added as names are confirmed, click the names to read more about them on their profile pages.

Let’s meet the engineers…

Week 1: 5th–11th January

Sylvain Viguier
Embedded Systems Engineer at UCL
Smartphone engineer.

Fiona Dickinson
Senior Lecturer at Bath University
I’m a teaching fellow in a university, I specialise in ways to make light and uses of it.

Benjamin Males
CTO of a fashion technology company based in London
Making science fiction science fact on the biggest stage in the world.

Andy Hearn
Software Engineer at Thales
Write code – mostly cool, some not so – for all sorts of things.

Week 2: 12th–18th January

Tim Stephens
Product Development Scientist at Keit
I use light to measure what’s in things, so people can make richer butter or tastier chocolate.

Sarah Wiseman
Postdoctoral Researcher at UCL
I am a researcher investigating how people interact with technology, from medical devices, to novel technology in museums and theatres to help people with visual impairments.

Peter Green
Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester
My work is concerned with the design, implementation and evaluation of wireless and network communication systems.

Paul Murcutt
Control & Software Engineer
I work on the software systems for robots used to maintain & decommission nuclear reactors & sites.

Week 3: 19th–25th January

William McGenn
Research Associate at Jodrell Bank
I am involved in the design and building of state of the art, ultra-low noise, high frequency amplifiers for use in the receiver electronics of radio telescopes.

Mina Panahi
Electronics Design Engineer at Landis and Gyr
Interested and experienced in various aspects of RF and microwave engineering.

Ben Pirt
I make robots for teaching children about technology.

Week 4: 26th–31st January

Steve Cox
Education Ambassador at Ultimaker GB
Passionate about 3D Printing and all of the exciting possibilities that it’s opening up.

Richard Simons
PhD Student at Imperial College London
I blast bacteria with invisible UV light, making dirty water safe to drink.

Mousumi Roy
RF Development Engineer at NVIDIA
I am an RF (radio frequency) and microwave engineer, and presently develop the hardware for 3G and 4G mobile phones and tablets.

David Cuadrado-Calle
PhD Researcher at Jodrell Bank
I am a telecommunications engineer specialized in radio frequency and microwave technologies, working towards the development of Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for the ALMA Observatory in Chile.

Roaming Engineers

A couple of engineers won’t be live in a certain week, but will be available to answer questions throughout the event.

Danielle George
Presenter of the 2014 CHRISTMAS LECTURES
Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Manchester

Kate Mulcahy
I like to build things, take things apart and make things but better than that is showing other people how to do it.

Joe Myerscough
I’m the Series Producer of the Christmas Lectures for BBC Four.