• Question: is your job hard

    Asked by geo2003 on 7 Jan 2015.
    • Photo: Fiona Dickinson

      Fiona Dickinson answered on 7 Jan 2015:

      I trained for a very long time, and had to learn an awful lot of stuff to get the job I have, and now I still have to learn things (in my job you can never stop learning). However at the end of the day my job isn’t hard in terms of physical hard work (I spend a long time at a computer and a long time talking but nothing to laborious) but it is hard in terms of long hours, lots to do, pressure of finding money to do what I want to do, lots of deadline and the like. I can’t complain though, I love the job I do, and I’m very very lucky to have got this job (it is very competitive).

    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 7 Jan 2015:

      Being an engineer isn’t necessarily hard work physically. It can be quite hard mentally when you have to create solutions to solve difficult problems. But it’s always worth it because anything that takes effort to do is usually very rewarding.
      It can also be hard sometimes because you know what the right solution is as an engineer, but you aren’t able to get the funds that you need to do it. When this happens you have to stick with it and keep trying to persuade others that you have the right answer!!

    • Photo: Wallace Viguier

      Wallace Viguier answered on 7 Jan 2015:

      Yes it is, and this is a good thing. To use a convincing example let’s speak about cars. It is hard to pilot a Formula 1? Yes, of course it is and that is what makes it so thrilling, fun and cool.

      In the same way, It takes a long time to become and engineer and you face in your everyday job some complicated problems to solve, this is your job after all, andit is great fun to find the solutions.

      So yes, the job of an engineer is hard, and that is what makes it interesting, fun and rewarding. Totally worth it 🙂

    • Photo: Andy Hearn

      Andy Hearn answered on 9 Jan 2015:

      Yes my work can be hard sometimes, but it is a ‘good’ kind of hard and nothing nasty. It gets hard when I have to use lots and lots of patience and perseverance – not giving up at all – when there are weird problems to solve, or a customer wants something “simple” but is very very complicated to write code for.

      This is the way I like it, I enjoy challenges, and pushing my limits a bit (not too much otherwise I’d fall over 🙂 )

      If my work was never ‘hard’, then it’d get boring too quickly which means I’d get fed up with my job, that’d be something I definitely don’t want to happen 🙂