• Question: What do you write code for have you ever done code for a game and do you understand code because i find it confusing.@andy

    Asked by scarlett to Andy on 29 Jan 2015.
    • Photo: Andy Hearn

      Andy Hearn answered on 29 Jan 2015:

      Hey there – fab question scarlett! I write code for all sorts of things! These days I write stuff for training and simulation machines, like the aircraft simulator that is on my profile page lower down where the photos are:


      Some stuff were very important, there was a testing suite for mission-critical software, i.e. making sure that vital software is behaving and running correctly, that wasn’t “exciting” software engineering, but it was a kind of engineering that I had to really, really, focus on to make sure that I don’t introduce any mistakes, i.e. passing something when it is supposed to fail 🙂 I remember feeling shattered at the end of each day for that job!

      My current job is the best so far; loads of visual things, making sure that things look and feel as realistic as possible – that’s far more rewarding!

      I’ve done quite a few simple games, nothing big like those you see in the shops (yet). In the old days just one person can create a good game on his/her own. But for someone to do the same nowadays would be nearly impossible; big teams are needed – coders, designers, graphics, 3D modelling, storytellers, testers, et cetera!

      I understand code very well (but I can’t understand some other people’s code if they’re written in a lazy way, or they don’t bother with adding comments, then often it is very hard to understand what their code is supposed to be doing 🙂 ) – I think an excellent language to start coding with is Python. Go to http://www.python.org and look for “Getting Started”, in no time you’ll be ‘talking’ code with your own computer and make it obey you and do stuff 🙂