• Question: Are you planning to create any crazy inventions or do any other research as an engineer as well as the work you already do?

    Asked by DG to Tom, Chris, Gina, Jack, Laura, Yetty on 12 Jun 2017. This question was also asked by Bunny.
    • Photo: Tom Rooney

      Tom Rooney answered on 12 Jun 2017:

      “Crazy inventions”… hmm not sure it’s possible to plan those, the crazy ones tend to arrive in a burst of inspiration. I am researching into possible applications for our systems in aquaculture (Fish farms), I have an idea for a fully autonomous submersible that can survey the nets, monitor the fish and deliver the food in the right places to reduce waste, all while sending the data and video to the control centre via a self-healing self-forming sub-sea optical network.

    • Photo: Yetunde Kolawole

      Yetunde Kolawole answered on 15 Jun 2017:

      Hi DG,

      For now, No. I am concentrating on my research, which is really wide in its possibilities. I think researching never stops as an engineer, because you’re always thinking how to make the system you’re working on better.

    • Photo: Laura Walker

      Laura Walker answered on 15 Jun 2017:

      I like to try and think of inventions that would be great for the world (normally stupid and would never be an actual thing!) – When watchin Planet Earth 2 i wanted to try and think of a way to help the sloths get across the water, they swam so slowly!