• Question: why should I be an engineer?

    Asked by 532canj35 to Chris, Gina, Jack, Laura, Tom, Yetty on 9 Jun 2017. This question was also asked by 225canj35, Amandeep, randomguy55.
    • Photo: Jack Irwin

      Jack Irwin answered on 9 Jun 2017:

      Because you can make the world a better place for yourself, your family and the community or sector you chose to work in.

    • Photo: Tom Rooney

      Tom Rooney answered on 9 Jun 2017:

      If you are interested in how things work, how they can be made to work better, how to invent/design/build things to do new things then, my friend, you are already an engineer! So if you do it for a living you will never work a day of your life… doing what you love is never work!

    • Photo: Christopher Bullock

      Christopher Bullock answered on 10 Jun 2017:

      I think if you really want to have an impact on the world and to change it for the better, then you should become an engineer. They are the people that try to solve all of the really big problems that face humanity.

    • Photo: Laura Walker

      Laura Walker answered on 12 Jun 2017:

      because it will give everything you are learing a meaning and reason. Maths and Science become real life – to help solve problems for so many different things.

    • Photo: Yetunde Kolawole

      Yetunde Kolawole answered on 12 Jun 2017:


      Engineering is very important to development of our world and if you are interested in development, you should become one. It’s really interesting and will give you a chance to make a difference!