• Question: what is your favourite piece of work you personally have created?

    Asked by alfhan to Danielle, Paul, Peter, Sarah, Steve, Tim on 13 Jan 2015. This question was also asked by stalinscat, thedoctor4.
    • Photo: Tim Stephens

      Tim Stephens answered on 13 Jan 2015:

      It’s not ‘work’, but I created a geek photo booth with a Raspberry Pi that took peoples picture and made it look all pixellated like they were in an old-fashioned computer game. It was in an exhibition in a museum in Oxford from May to November last year. I’m quite proud of that.

    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 13 Jan 2015:

      I made a very special 3D print that was on display in Las Vegas last week at a very big exhibition. It was large and heavy and is the biggest 3D printing project I’ve made to date – so I think that’s my current favourite.

      You can read more about it and see some pictures of it here :


    • Photo: Sarah Wiseman

      Sarah Wiseman answered on 14 Jan 2015:

      My favourite thing is an RFID music box for my house. The way it works is that I have a lot of little RFID tags (like what you find in an Oyster card, or contactless payment card) and each one corresponds to a playlist. Then I can choose the music I want to listen to by picking a token, putting it on my RFID music box and sitting back to listen. I like it because I don’t have to scroll through songs on my computer, it feels a bit more like choosing a CD, it’s fun to sort through things in the real world.

      It can also be adapted to play songs depending on what oyster card has been put on it. I took it to a maker faire and tested all the visitors oyster cards. It was very funny to see grown ups making the music box play songs from Frozen.