• Question: Why do you sign up for IAEGMOOH this year?

    Asked by Joe on 12 Dec 2014.
    • Photo: Peter Green

      Peter Green answered on 12 Dec 2014:

      With my colleague Danielle George presenting the RI Christmas Lectures this year I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved! I am looking forward to chatting about Engineering.

    • Photo: Andy Hearn

      Andy Hearn answered on 12 Dec 2014:

      I was involved with IAEGMOOH March 2012, got a lot of buzz out of discussing software (and anything else unrelated – we engineers are human after all, surprisingly…) with students (I think I learnt as much as they did from that 2 weeks), so when this opportunity to return and share again came up, I just had to say… Yes!

    • Photo: Ben Pirt

      Ben Pirt answered on 15 Dec 2014:

      I think the Christmas Lectures are fantastic and I’m always keen to help others (especially the young) get into technology and engineering because a) it’s so much fun and b) there’s the potential for so much good to be done with it.

    • Photo: Paul Murcutt

      Paul Murcutt answered on 30 Dec 2014:

      I’m interested in what young potential engineers have on their minds & to help dampen any doubts they might have about taking up Engineering in the future.

    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 31 Dec 2014:

      I was involved with Lecture 3 – A New Revolution. It covers the new and quickly developing field of 3D printing and I was delighted to be asked to make the 3D print featured in the lecture.
      There’s lots to tell about 3D printing for those who are interested in what it can do, so I signed up.
      I’ve also been a “maker” and an engineer all of my life, and I’d like to encourage young people to get involved engineering.

    • Photo: Fiona Dickinson

      Fiona Dickinson answered on 5 Jan 2015:

      I was asked to take part because I know about light and lightbulbs, LEDs and lasers and I said yes in a heartbeat because I like talking about all of this cool stuff. I wish I’d had the chance to participate from your end, so this for me is an amazing opportunity to share some of my scientific interests.

    • Photo: Tim Stephens

      Tim Stephens answered on 6 Jan 2015:

      I did I’m a Scientist in 2012, and was asked because I know about light, optics, lasers and that sort of thing. I jumped at the chance to take part again because it’s really great fun to answer all these questions.

    • Photo: Sarah Wiseman

      Sarah Wiseman answered on 12 Jan 2015:

      I enjoy hacking and making things, and also talking to people enthusiastically about hacking and making things!

    • Photo: Wallace Viguier

      Wallace Viguier answered on 13 Jan 2015:

      As I arrived recently in the UK I heard of it fairly recently and was very happy to contribute explaining to people what is engineering about and answering the questions they might have.