• Question: Hi do you like science?

    Asked by anon-87828 on 17 Nov 2022.
    • Photo: Paul James

      Paul James answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      I love Science.
      Things that seemed science fiction only a few years ago are now commonplace.

      Thats what engineers are for to make the impossible – possible.

      Big Dr Who / Start Wars / Start Trek fan too.
      But now with Nextfilx / Amazon / Sky / others making Sci fi programs,
      its impossible to keep up.

    • Photo: Anne Velenturf

      Anne Velenturf answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Science is great because it is systematic and reliable in how it generates knowledge. You get a lot of freedom to explore new things that you find interesting. It’s a bit like being an entrepreneur with your own company, but with a secure pay check at the end of every month.

      Because of the rigour of science, it is highly valued by other people and it gives you a position to support changes in society in a relatively objective and transparent way. Science offers that unique platform that no other job can give.

    • Photo: Veronica Pisani

      Veronica Pisani answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      When I first started exploring engineering as a career path, I actually was more excited about the math side of things, and the only science I was drawn to was human biology. I really enjoyed my first university-level physics class and that’s what made me decide on mechanical engineering. Chemistry still is a weak point for me – science is so broad that it’s natural to like some disciplines more than others.

    • Photo: Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga

      Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      I enjoy science very much. I love the fascination of laboratory experiments and having to play around with data.

    • Photo: Katherine Whyte

      Katherine Whyte answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Yes, I like science because it is so useful in finding ways to solve problems. Science is important in helping humans to generate energy to heat our homes efficiently, to create vaccines to keep us healthy, and to figure out how best to grow crops in different climates to keep us alive and well-fed! I also like that scientists have to be creative to solve these problems. Often you are the first person to try to do something, which makes it exciting!

    • Photo: Emma Farquharson

      Emma Farquharson answered on 18 Nov 2022:

      I’ve always loved science. At school I really enjoyed chemistry, biology and physics, particularly when we got to do experiments in our classes! It was cool to be able to translate the theory of science and see it in real life! I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy engineering so much – seeing theory made real. And in general, science is so broad and you can go into so many different careers and learn and contribute to so many innovative industries.

    • Photo: Anastasia Bird

      Anastasia Bird answered on 28 Nov 2022:

      In school I loved chemistry, but was not interested much by other sciences, just studied them dutifully. However, the more I live and work as engineer – the more I become fascinated by science in many areas. And I love to do various science experiments with my children and discover how things work 🙂

    • Photo: John Harland

      John Harland answered on 1 Dec 2022:

      I liked science at school and still enjoy reading about the latest developments now. It teaches you how to think in a clear, logical way to analyse problems and situations – not just in the fields of science and engineering work, but in everyday life to explain why the world is the way it is. Scientific discovery leads to new technologies which engineers then apply to solve real-world problems.