• Question: is your job fun?

    Asked by anon-88088 on 17 Nov 2022.
    • Photo: Paul James

      Paul James answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      To be honest, I would have to say sometimes.

      That are some elements of my job that are Fab, but sometimes you have to do other parts that are essential but less exciting (boring).

      Imagine coming home from school, getting to play football / play on the xbox, but then you realise that you also have to tidy your room.
      When you start work, sometimes you have to “tidy your room”

    • Photo: Anne Velenturf

      Anne Velenturf answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      It’s fun when you find out something unexpected or different from what you were anticipating. It’s even more fun when you can make a real difference to people’s lives. For the other times in between, you need determination, persistence and good friends!

    • Photo: Veronica Pisani

      Veronica Pisani answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Like every job, mine has its ups and downs. I love the days I get to really dig in and solve a puzzle or learn something new. My team also makes my job fun and working with people I like makes the annoying stuff less bad.

    • Photo: Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga

      Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Yes, it is fun. It has its good and bad days like any other job I suppose, but I quite the flexibility in my job especially as I have childcare responsibilities.

    • Photo: Katherine Whyte

      Katherine Whyte answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Yes, sometimes! Like every job, there are good days and harder days, and some tasks you enjoy more than others. Overall, I think my job is a good match for me (but it might not be for someone else!). I think it’s important that people think about what they enjoy and might find satisfying in a job, and it’s okay to try a few different ones until you find one you like!

    • Photo: Emma Farquharson

      Emma Farquharson answered on 18 Nov 2022:

      Like most jobs i think mine has some parts that are better than others, but overall i would say yes it is fun! I love learning new things every day, and I have to say one of the biggest things that makes it fun is the people I work with – they’re a really great team!

    • Photo: Adam Yates

      Adam Yates answered on 21 Nov 2022:

      Most days are fun but some days it can be a bit boring. I do a lot of experiments and some of the paperwork or setting up I need to do before starting takes a long time! It’s important to remember that without the boring bits some of the more fun parts won’t be possible.
      But every day is different and that is what keeps things interesting in my opinion.

    • Photo: Wenzhu Li

      Wenzhu Li answered on 25 Nov 2022:

      My job is overall fun but it still has ups and downs like every job.
      Sometimes we also have to understand that whether it is fun or not depends not only on the job itself, but also on the way you look at it. So adjusting your perspective will make the job even more interesting!

    • Photo: Anastasia Bird

      Anastasia Bird answered on 28 Nov 2022:

      Yes, it is. I had great many side jobs when I was in school and at Uni, all of them lacked what engineering job has plenty – challenge. Engineering is never short of things to fix or make better. For me – that is fun, keeps me engaged. There is also space for (engineered) creativity and innovation, which is welcomed unlike in many other jobs. Agree with the others though that there are necessary parts of job that are less fun, but it is very manageable.