• Question: What is your favourite animal

    Asked by anon-87969 on 17 Nov 2022.
    • Photo: Paul James

      Paul James answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Two answers,
      I have always been a dog lover, but it wasnt until I was 51 that I was allowed by my family to have a dog.

      I love Scuba diving and I think Sea Turtles are very cool, but not much good as a pet (my bath is not big enough)

    • Photo: Anne Velenturf

      Anne Velenturf answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      Tough choice between guinea pigs and brown bears!

    • Photo: Veronica Pisani

      Veronica Pisani answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      I’ve always loved elephants and I have a soft spot for cats.

    • Photo: Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga

      Cynthia Okoro-Shekwaga answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      I’ve never really been an animal lover. Growing up my parents had goats and chickens and I was always scared of dogs. But I am now starting to love dogs, thanks to my neighbours lovely dogs.

    • Photo: Katherine Whyte

      Katherine Whyte answered on 17 Nov 2022:

      It has to be cats for me. They are so interesting to watch, and once you get to know them they all have their own characters and ways to communicate with people!

    • Photo: Emma Farquharson

      Emma Farquharson answered on 18 Nov 2022:

      Oooo tough choice, I love animals! I’ve always really loved dogs, but I’m also a big fan of pandas – they’re very cute!

    • Photo: Rana Abdalla

      Rana Abdalla answered on 18 Nov 2022:

      Definitely cats!

    • Photo: Manish Labroo

      Manish Labroo answered on 18 Nov 2022:


    • Photo: Aoife Kavanagh

      Aoife Kavanagh answered on 22 Nov 2022:

      Cats. The best thing about working from home over Covid was getting to hang out with my cat all day

    • Photo: Wenzhu Li

      Wenzhu Li answered on 25 Nov 2022:

      I am an animal lover and don’t have a preference. I come from Sichuan, which is also the hometown of pandas!
      BTW, I have a kitten with me 😀

    • Photo: Anastasia Bird

      Anastasia Bird answered on 28 Nov 2022:

      Dogs for me. Favourite animal is my big fluffy Bernese mountain dog Everest. Similar to Paul J, it was not until I was 34 that I could have a dog – as a kid I was not allowed, then in Uni, working offshore and later young children it was never time for one.